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Elizabeth Webster and the Court of Uncommon Pleas


Elizabeth Webster and the Court of Uncommon Pleas

About the Series

Elizabeth Webster and the Court of Uncommon Pleas


Book 1

Elizabeth Webster and the Court of Uncommon Pleas

Twelve-year-old Elizabeth has just discovered her dad’s true profession: Attorney for the Damned. Worse: She’s next in line for the job.

Welcome to Elizabeth Webster’s world, where the common laws of middle school torment her days…and the uncommon laws of an even weirder realm govern her nights.

Elizabeth Webster is happy to stay under the radar (and under her bangs) until middle school is dead and gone. But when star swimmer Henry Harrison asks Elizabeth to tutor him in math it is not linear equations Henry really needs help with, it’s a flower-scented, poodle-skirt-wearing, head-tossing ghost who’s calling out Elizabeth’s name.

But why Elizabeth? Could it have something to do with her missing lawyer father? Maybe. Probably. If only she could find him. In her search, Elizabeth discovers more than she is looking for: a grandfather she never knew, a startling legacy, and the secret family law firm, Webster & Son, Attorneys for the Damned.

Elizabeth and her friends soon land in court, where demons and ghosts take the witness stand and a red-eyed judge with a ratty white wig hands out sentences like sandwiches. Will Elizabeth’s father arrive in time to save Henry Harrison and is Henry the one who really needs saving?

Set in the historic streets of Philadelphia, this riveting middle-grade mystery from New York Times best-selling author William Lashner will have readers banging their gavels and calling for more from the incomparable Elizabeth Webster.

Elizabeth Webster and the Portal of Doom


Book 2

Elizabeth Webster and the Portal of Doom

In this spine-tingling sequel to Elizabeth Webster and the Court of Uncommon Pleas, young Elizabeth has a client and case of her very own, but things quickly become bloodstains-on-the-courtroom-floor messy.

After her grand success in the courtroom against the demon Redwing, Elizabeth thought life would get much easier. But balancing homework with defending the undead is tricky. And lately, it’s been tough convincing her father that she’s ready to do more than sweep the floors of the family firm.

When a wailing banshee mother begs for her help in saving her son, Elizabeth jumps at the case. Free the boy named Keir McGoogan, then reunite him with his mother at the Portal of Doom—piece of cake.

But there’s a catch. While Keir waits for his trial, Elizabeth must shepherd him through the horrifying halls of middle school! And soon she realizes that Keir’s fate is tied to a terrifying pact made on a dark, stormy night a century ago. Behind his smart mouth and his 12-year-old appearance, Keir’s hiding a secret big enough to sink your teeth into. Will Elizabeth and her friends be able to protect Keir? Or, are they the ones who need protecting?

Packed with thrills, chills, laughter, and a gremlin, this second adventure will have Elizabeth’s fans hiding under their covers as they read through the night.


Elizabeth Webster and the Portal of Doom — “Provides a spirited romp through a world of ghosts and goblins with the effortlessly charming Elizabeth at the front of it all. It brings back the exciting mix of legal and paranormal activities that made the first entry such a charmer. . . A sturdy case.
—Kirkus Reviews

I love this book! — William Lashner delivers humor and ghost story shivers in a mixture of wit and intensity. He creates memorable characters, at once daring and vulnerable.”
—Ridley Pearson, bestselling author of Lock and Key

This book is an absolute delight. — A refreshing new novel about finding your place in the world…and fighting ghosts and demons…. A heartfelt story of self-discovery doesn’t exactly sound like the type of theme to slip into a tale of ghosts and demons, but the combination resonates beautifully…. [E]ngrosses the reader completely by mixing in just the right amount of action, quippy dialogue, and uplifting moments…well-suited for people ages twelve and up who enjoy teenage fiction novels and fantasy/science fiction.”
Denver Post (YourHub.com/NextGen)

A superb mystery. — A spooky legal thriller for middle-grade readers that is just technical enough to feel grounded in reality and just unearthly enough to keep readers on their toes. This blend of ghostly apparitions and legal exposition should absolutely not work—but yet it does, engaging readers in a compelling mystery and a world that functions seamlessly….narrator Elizabeth’s spunky attitude and earnestness provide an emotional spine that couples with the novel’s mystery, dovetailing together at the right moment, making for a very engaging read.”
Kirkus Reviews

Sure to delight fans of the comically strange and gothic…. The adventure is rife with enjoyable weird twists and turns, including several strangely hilarious courtroom appearances featuring a host of haunting characters that provide a mixture of witty dialogue and creepy effects.”
Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Recommended. — VERDICT: This blend of ghost story and mystery will satisfy readers who ask for “the scary stories.”
School Library Journal

One of the Fall 2019 book releases you can’t afford to miss.

Selected for the Children’s Book Council October, 2019 “Hot Off the Press” reading list.


October 12, 2021
Elizabeth Webster and the Chamber of Stolen Ghosts

October 14, 2021 at 5:30 PM
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William Lashner

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William Lashner is a former criminal prosecutor with the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. and a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His novels have been published worldwide and have been nominated for two Shamus Awards, a Gumshoe Award, two Edgar Awards, and been selected as an Editor’s Choice in the New York Times Book Review. When he was a kid his favorite books were The Count of Monte Cristo and any comic with the Batman on the cover. This is his first series for young readers.

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